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2016 Membership of Pentecostalists and other churches recruiting mainly young people reaches several billion worldwide. They denounce evolutionary biology. 2017 George Pell becomes Pope. Viagra makes you go longer you can last more rounds condoms. 2018 Middle East wiped out. 2019 Pope George offers prayers for world peace. 2020 God announces (via ABC Radio National) he is giving up in disgust, leaving this universe and going off to start another one.

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Packer her condition was severe enough to justify cutting open the artery to clear out the plaque.

Bridge of Orchy station has a bunkhouse on the platform, appropriately called 8220;The West Highland Sleeper8221; Am I alone in noticing that Salvo 245 clearly demonstrates the law of inverse proportionality which exists between the length of Salvo8217;s walks and the length of corresponding Salvos. And that as a result, there must, I am almost certain, be a similar law governing the relationship between mobility reduction and the time to onset of typist8217;s cramp. Bugger the foot : for the sake of your poor, aching fingers, Paul, I hope you stage a speedy recovery. And on the subject of hope, it is not obvious that the only realistic way to link all these proposed new Garden Villages and Garden Towns is8230.