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Legalization has not reduced criminal activity nor the threat of financial corruption. As for Central America, Obama‚s policies have shown stunning neglect. Actual aid for counter-drug activities, and for resources for interdicting smugglers have all diminished, while the countries of Central America have become battlegrounds for Mexican cartels, with meth precursors piling up at the docks, the cocaine transiting Venezuela to Honduras is surging, and violence is at an all-time high, with families fleeing north in unprecedented numbers. The CaribbeanCentral American region has become deeply threatened, as noted by the State Department report above‚torn apart by drug crime. In this context the president encourages governments in the region to make drugs more acceptable and more accessible in their communities, and with even greater legal impunity. Moreover, these developments have been accompanied by a steady drumbeat of medical science reports increasingly showing the serious dangers of marijuana use, especially for youth. Yet Viagrande csrc Obama speaks in a manner increasingly disconnected from the domestic and international reality of the drug problem.


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In 2027, you are really connected.

By efficiency, the government means ‚doesn‚t work as well as it used to. ‚ 8230;You can see the evidence of the bureaucrat in your shower if you pull off the showerhead and look inside. It has all this complicated stuff inside, whereas it should just be an open hole, you know, so the water could get through. The flow stopper is mandated by the federal government.

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