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It has never disciplined a school for failing to file a concussion plan or for maintaining inadequate personnel or for returning an injured player to the field. Therersquo;s still no mention of sex or gender in its best practices for diagnosing and managing concussions or in the concussion fact sheets it distributes to students and coaches. Maybe the best indication of the NCAArsquo;s priorities is simply this: Its chief medical officer has a staff of seven to address college-age health and safety issues from mental health to sexual assault. Meanwhile, its compliance desk has more than 50 employees who police amateurism among athletes. For all that, Brian Hainline, the chief medical officer of the NCAA, says he has ldquo;fire in his eyesrdquo; about concussions, and he emphasizes that brain trauma in sports is an issue ldquo;much bigger than football.

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